Simulating real-life attacks

The best way to describe Red Teaming is to call it an in depth, full-scope simulation of a real-life attack. It is designed to assess, expose and test vulnerabilities in any technology related asset as well as the people and the physical security of the organisation.

Red Teaming Methodology

Reconnaissance Phase

  • Defining Targets
  • Information Gathering
  • Drafting Plan of Attack

Threat Modelling

  • Evaluating Possible Targets
  • Mapping the Attack Surface
  • Evaluating possible attack vectors
  • Adapt Plan of Attack

Attack Surface Analysis

  • Analyze likelihood of success
  • Analyze the initial impact of exploiting found vulnerabilities
  • Analyze if any countermeasures will be activated


  • Exploit found vulnerabilities combining chosen attack vectors
  • Ensure that target organization is not aware of breach
  • Establish initial breach within target’s systems

Privilege Escalation – Lateral Movement

  • Once initial comprise has been established our team re-assesses the plan of attack and adjusts this further comprise internal systems.
  • Our Team will maximize the impact of the breach by escalating privileges and using “lateral movement” to gain as much unauthorized access within your organization’s internal network.

Reporting and Presenting

  • Our team will compile all findings into an after-action report, summarizing all carried out activities with our recommendations.
  • Our Red Team will then present their findings to your operations team to further increase your awareness of current countermeasures and countermeasures that can be implemented or adjusted.

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