Private Research Programs

HackersHub has developed a private research program specialized in advanced exploit (zero-day) development and research.

Matching Researchers and Software vendors

HackersHub has pooled together a team of IT Security researchers, through an invite-only program, allowing them to conduct authorized research on diverse software platforms. Reducing the risk of unauthorized zero-day research on the associated platforms.

If you are a software vendor and you would like to submit your application to our researchers, please contact us here.

Brokering Zero-days with software vendors

Sometimes independent researchers have already found zero-day exploits on diverse platforms, in this case HackersHub can act as a third-party mediator or point the researcher in the direction to avoid legal actions but also ensure that the platform is patched.

University Research and Governmental agency research

Please contact us here. directly if your organization falls in this category, to see what the options for custom research are.

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